Equal Pay Day Sacramento

Equal Pay Day Sacramento is an annual event designed to raise awareness of the impacts of and propose solutions to address the gender pay gap in Sacramento. Our events will be held in solidarity with Equal Pay Day events happening across the country on Tuesday, April 10th.

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Why April 10?

April 10th is not just another Tuesday. It’s representative of the date that women must continue to work until to earn as much as their male counterparts from the previous year due to the gender pay gap.

So what are you planning?

We are collecting stories from women across Sacramento that relate to the drivers behind the Gender Pay Gap. We know how powerful of a medium storytelling can be, and we want to honor Sacramento women’s experience by giving them a platform for their voice to be heard. Stories will be collected and featured in the Equal Pay Day Experience.

Aren’t stories just anecdotal? How does that help?

Stories allow us to personalize the challenges that surround the gender pay gap in a meaningful and intimate way way — the pay gap isn’t just something that “happens to other women”, it’s something happening to women in our own community!

Research tells us that the gender pay gap isn’t something that’s overt — someone doesn’t simply decide to pay a woman 20-45% less than her white, straight, male counterparts. It’s a complex intersection of gender, race and ethnicity, access to education, unpaid care work, and much more — phew!

Stories help bring to life the cumulative effect these issues can have over the course of a woman’s lifetime, and what that means for her personally, for our communities, and for our city.

How can I participate?

Share Your Story: We are inviting women from across Sacramento to share their stories on the challenges, tradeoffs and victories they have experienced on topics that are the drivers behind the Gender Pay Gap. Click HERE to share your story with us!

Attend an Event: We are hosting two events on April 10: Equal Pay Day Business Luncheon & Networking Event and an Equal Pay Day Experience. Please follow the links to learn more & to purchase your tickets!

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