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Faces of Sacramento

Via Consulting Group is thrilled to be featured as part of Sacramento Magazine‘s “Faces of Sacramento”! We are honored to have worked alongside some of our region’s best & brightest organizations to grow & develop their people this year.

In an uncertain economy, an engaged and high-performing workforce can be a strategic differentiator for companies of all sizes. CEO’s, educators and public sector leaders agree: an intentional, focused investment in professional development yields some of the greatest returns for companies in both the short- and long-term.

If you or your organization wants to start your strategic planning for your 2018 leadership programs, prioritize workforce & talent management, tackle gender pay equity, or begin professional coaching, we would love to help you think through your goals. Let’s talk!

Faces of Sacramento - Via Consulting Group

Jennifer ManuelFaces of Sacramento
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Boomers: Leading the Give-Back Revolution

In my succession planning workshops, I always start the session with a quick pulse check that usually goes something like this:

Me: “Raise your hand if you want to work for the rest of your life!”
Audience: ::crickets::

Retirement has long been the “holy grail” for the Boomer generation, and the Silent generation before them. Work hard, put in your dues, and eventually you’ll get a watch at your retirement party, buy some golf clubs & enjoy your “golden years”.

And t’s not just Millennials who felt betrayed by the empty promises of financial and workplace stability. Boomers are staying in the workforce much longer than anticipated. And for many, the watch, the clubs, and the dream of financial stability ended up being just that – a dream. A promise unfulfilled.

As a result, Baby Boomers are searching for their next calling that’s in better alignment with their values. They’re focusing more on what matters most to them as they enter work in the second half of their life. This movement, dubbed the “Encore Career” by Marc Freedman back in 2008, found Boomers are moving en-masse into roles with a public interest focus.

So what exactly are Baby Boomers seeking in their Encore Careers?

Encore Career Infographic

Do any of these resonate with you? Then you just might be the Boomer who’s going to help lead the Give-Back Revolution.

Via Consulting GroupBoomers: Leading the Give-Back Revolution
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Follow Your Heart, but Take Your Brain With You: The Via Origin Story

Nearly one year ago today, Via was born from a desire to help others through key transition points in their personal and professional lives. In that year, the more I talked about my own journey –one of being laid off after nearly 10 years of service, walking away from a perfectly lovely job offer at another Fortune 100 company, and making the exciting yet wholly terrifying leap into entrepreneurship– the more I learned how many others had been on a similar journey of self-discovery & discernment in their own career and life transitions.

I heard choruses of “me, too!” and “that sounds exactly like what my friend/mom/sister/partner went through!” Each conversation was marked by periods of deep doubt & uncertainty about the future, but balanced with an inner-directed reflection. Over time, I noticed –more often than anything else– each person had someone who helped him or her through this period of transition. Sometimes, it was a formal relationship, like a coach or mentor. Other times, it was a partner or friend.

I realized at that moment that my heart was being called to be that person for others. I want to help equip people to step into the uncertainty of transition periods without fear, because they’re anchored by their values.

Less than an hour after that moment of clarity, as if reading my mind, a dear friend sent me a message that has since become Via’s origin story mantra:

Follow Your Heart Graphic

Follow Your Heart, but Take Your Brain With You.

In this blog, I hope you’ll find stories that speak to your heart, ideas that challenge your brain, and encouragement to step into the transitions in your life without fear.

Via Consulting GroupFollow Your Heart, but Take Your Brain With You: The Via Origin Story
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Jennifer serves as the VP of Community Outreach for NAWBO-Sac, the local chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

NAWBO has a long history of public policy & advocacy work on behalf of women business owners throughout the country. If you’re a woman who was able to secure a business loan without needing a male co-signer, that’s because of NAWBO-backed legislation in 1976!

On the board, Jennifer helps create opportunities & experiences for NAWBO Sacramento members and women business owners to engage with the broader Sacramento community.

Via Consulting GroupNAWBO
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Recognized as a 2016 TEDxSacramento Changemaker Fellow for her work to define “What’s Next” in the Sacramento region & beyond, Jennifer is dedicated to to shattering the stereotypes that exist locally & globally around ageing workers in today’s knowledge economy.

Come back in May 2016 to view her TED Talk, Ageism in the Knowledge Era!

In addition, Jennifer recently stepped into a role on the TEDxSacramento Core Team, an all-volunteer group that coordinates all of the TEDxSacramento events. She leads sponsorship & partnership opportunities between the TEDxSacramento and the broader community.

Via Consulting GroupTEDxSacramento
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Jennifer volunteers with MetroEDGE, the branch of the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce dedicated to developing and empowering 40-and-under leaders across the five-county capital region.

Together with her Professional Development Committee leaders, Jennifer helped organize the first MetroEDGE event of 2016, “EDGE-y Goal Setting for 2016”, where over 100 young professionals convened to set “CLEAR” goals for the year and network with their peers.

Via Consulting GroupMetroEDGE
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