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Workshops & Retreats

Via creates and facilitates workshops and retreats designed to help you manage career transitions with grace. Each session provides individuals, teams & leaders with a balance of reflection, action & interaction.

  • Encore: Discovering Your Post-Retirement Calling: Starting to ponder the next chapter in your life? Already retired, and struggling to find your calling for your golden years? You’re not alone. Offered in both a 1-day workshop and an immersive weekend retreat, you’ll come away from this session ready to tackle this important professional and life transition.
  • Empowering Women: 9 Leadership Power Tools: Ready to advance women into your leadership pipeline & reap the benefits of a more diverse workforce? This workshop, offered in partnership with Take The Lead [], helps women embrace an inclusive version of power, dismantle implicit biases & embrace the Power Tools that lead to leadership parity. Three versions of the workshop are available to adapt to your organization’s size, budget, sector & goals: Redefining Power (Half-Day), Deeper Dive (Full-Day) & Full Immersion (Two-Day)
  • New Mom Re-Entry Program: Balancing Caregiving & Career: Are you a new mom who’s ready to re-enter the workforce or start your own business, but are worried about the juggling act of becoming a working mom? The struggle is real! Build the foundation for your transition and connect with other new moms who are going through it, too. Professional child-care is provided on-site at no cost for the half-day workshop, and a child-care voucher is provided for the immersive weekend retreat.
  • Chutes & Ladders: Discovering Your Options after a Layoff: Let’s face it: Getting laid off is never fun, and it’s rarely part of our plan. But it can be a transformational experience that allows you to thoughtfully plan your next move. Come ready to discover how your core values, strengths & interests combine to help define the next phase of your journey. One-on-one resume & cover letter prep and/or business plan review are included in this workshop.
  • Get CLEAR: Goal-Setting for the 21st Century: Ever written down your goals, only to dust them off at the end of the year and discover they’re now completely irrelevant? We all have. Businesses are in a constant state of flux, and our goal-setting approach needs to reflect this in order to be of any value. Based on “CLEAR” goal-setting principles, this half-day workshop helps employees, leaders & business owners set better goals and implement sound goal-setting practices.
  • LEADing Questions: Developing a Coach Approach: Ready to adopt a “coach approach?” This workshop will change how you show up as an employee, manager, executive or business owner. Come away with the skills and hands-on practice needed to integrate a coaching approach you’re your everyday work using our LEADing Questions framework. This half-day or full-day workshop can be customized for specific audiences, including women, entrepreneurs, small businesses and/or industry-specific themes.
  • Be Heard! Personality-Driven Communication Preferences: Ever feel like your message just isn’t getting across? Trust us: it’s not you. Effective communication relies on engagement from both the speaker and the listener. Learn the art of “perspective-taking” in this customizable half-day or full-day workshop. All participants receive a certified personality assessment and communication preferences workbook as part of the program.

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